Scanner Optics

GEOMATEC, leading optics manufacturer in Japan, manufactures high-precision F-Theta lenses and beam expanders. Since 1999, the multi-layer dielectric coating technology is first applied to the laser processing lenses for the Japanese market.
In the meantime, many customers around the world are very satisfied with the GEOMATEC lenses in terms of accuracy, fast delivery time and technical support.

Geomatic Products: Features and advantages

  • Minimal spot variations via scan field
  • Diffraction limited focus via scan field
  • Low wavefront error
  • Most F-Theta lenses are designed for a focus deviation of ≤ 0.05 %.
  • Telecentric objectives have a telecentricity of < 1.5 degrees over scan range
  • Laser damage threshold tested by the Institute of Laser Technology
  • Two weeks lead time on standard optics
  • Interchangeable lens protectors included


  • For 355, 532 and 1064 nm
  • Smallest focus diameter
  • Minimal spot distortion

Beam expander

  • For 355, 532 and 1064 nm
  • Very small design
  • Fixed and variable zoom extensions
  • Up to 10-fold expansion